Build your own communities, public or private

We are proud to announce that we will release a new version of our web site tomorrow (Tuesday). Thanks to the many suggestions and requirements that we have received from our users, we have incorporated many exciting new features into this release.

In our previous release, we made it possible to create a public community under a company‚Äôs brand. That enables a company to create a video community to engage its customers and employees in a constructive conversation about its products and services. (See the video community that Citrix created using our service,  These communities also provide companies a business-grade foundation for embedding screen video content into their blogs, portals and any other web-based applications such as a knowledge-base.

Our new release will include two important features:

  1. Create Your Own Community. If you want to create a community around a special interest like SecondLife, Microsoft Office, Google Lively, or Sudoku, you can get started in less than 1 minute at all on your own. Add some interesting content and recruit some members, and you could soon become one of the most influential people on the web.
  2. Private Communities. The content of a private community can be accessed only by its community members. Companies can create private communities under their brands enabling employees to securely share proprietary knowledge and ideas as videos within a company, division or department. If you want branding, just choose the option for requesting a branded site when you create your private community.

When we make the upgrade Tuesday, the service may be interrupted for a few minutes. You will also be prompted to upgrade your TipCam so that you can upload videos directly to all these new communities you will join. Your existing account will allow access to all of the communities that you would be enrolled in.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Please leave a comment here or contact [email protected] if you have any questions.



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