You Helped Us Make Our TipCam Software Even Better

I am excited to announce that the release candidate (RC1) of our next version (v2.1) of TipCam is available for download at This new version addresses many of the requirements that we have received from our users:

1. Now you can record a screencast video for as long as you want and as your hard drive can hold – the 20-minute limit has been removed. Please note that your upload to our web site is still limited to 100MB per video.

2. You can record even if your Windows user account does not have administrator privilege. This makes it possible to use TipCam in organizations where average users do not have administrator privilege.

3. Now you can double click on any FLV file on a local drive of your computer to play it in TipCam.

4. It enables you to trim off a portion of the recording from the beginning or at the end of your recording so your screencast can always start and end exactly the way you want.

5. If you need to change your recording settings frequently from one recording to the next, our new wizard recording mode can prompt you with session specific settings every time you start recording.

6. You can now configure your TipCam so that it always puts the recorder in pause when starting recording. This will allow you to get everything ready (including zoom and panning) before the recording is activated.

Do not take my words for it. Give it a try and please let us know what you think. We will keep improving our service based upon your input.


3 Responses to “You Helped Us Make Our TipCam Software Even Better”

  1. MartyKearns Says:

    You guys ROCK!

  2. vanessa Says:

    will you guys be developing this for a linux environment?

  3. John Says:

    vanessa, a Linux version of TipCam is not in our short-term plan. But if there is a good business opportunity, we can do it fairly quickly. By the way, with the VNC option, TipCam can be used to record screen activities on a Linux machine.

    Thanks for your comment and support.


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