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TipCam v1.5 Released

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

We are pleased to announce that TipCam v1.5 is available for immediate download. This version includes many new features and improvements, and is another milestone on our journey to become the easiest-to-use screencasting service.

The exciting new TipCam features include:

  • New intuitive user interface - Greatly improved visual feedback and single-click access to features that previously required multiple clicks or menu actions.

  • Mini-bar - A miniature action bar shown during recording to keep controls at your fingertips..

  • Voice-over – Have you ever recorded the perfect video, but botched the audio narration? voice-over let’s you redo just the audio. You can record a new narration or background music. Use pause the video feature during voice-over to add a long narration on a single video frame. It’s great for narrating a fast-paced video, like the recording of a video game.

  • Record video longer than 5 minutes – You said 5 minutes was too short, and we listened. Now you can record videos up to 20 minutes!
  • Public Computer Mode – In this mode, TipCam will not keep your account information when you sign-in to uTIPu from TipCam. Now you can safely install TipCam on a publicly accessible computer.

If you did not find the feature you are looking for, please add the comment on this post.


Service downtime

Friday, February 15th, 2008

From  7:25 EST to 10:20AM our storage service provider (Amazon) experienced massive service outage.

Hundreds of businesses were affected by this failure. Our Application servers were operational. What you had likely noticed is thumbnail images and videos were not displayed. Those files are served from that our storage provider calls “Scalable and Reliable data store with 99.99% availability”. Like you, we are all disappointed by what happened.