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Introducing uTIPu

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Hi, this is John,

After 9 months of stealth development, we would like to introduce you to uTIPu, which is making our service available for public beta.  We are striving to become the easiest-to-use know-how capturing and idea sharing social network service.  Our product and service enable people to easily record their activities on PCs as videos and share them as help tips with one another (hence the name u-TIP-u).  While screen recording is not a new concept, until now, it has been too complicated for most users.  As a result, not many people even know about this function.  We intend to bring it to the masses by making it very easy to record and even easier to share.  Because we focus on ease of use, we intentionally did not give our screen recorder, TipCam, all the bells and whistles that have made screen recording a sophisticated, professional undertaking.  We want every user to be able to record ad-hoc and then share it immediately and conveniently.  

The benefit of our service in sharing computer “how-to’s” is self-evident.   Not as self-evident, albeit equally or more powerful, it opens up a whole new dimension to communicating what one sees on a computer screen.   Our service makes “see what I’m saying” actually possible and effortless.  During our private beta, some people used it as a cross-over between email and WebEx.  They simply recorded their voice comments about whatever they saw on the screen and sent them to others as a feature-rich email.  This was why we integrated our TipCam directly with Outlook so that one can record, upload and email in a single step.   

We thank you for stopping by at our site and for trying our service.  Please write us what you think about our service and how you want us to improve.  We have a team of enthusiastic, talented developers who are eager to turn your every requirement into reality.