uTIPu™ Introduces Its Video-based Knowledge Networking Platform

Knowledge Sharing Among Employees and Customers Has Never Been Easier

Boca Raton, FL, July 22, 2008 – uTIPu Inc. an emerging leader in the Knowledge Networking space, is pleased to announce the availability of the uTIPu Knowledge Networking Platform. This innovative Web 2.0 platform enables businesses and professionals to capture knowledge and experience by recording computer activities as videos (“TipClips”) and to share them on public and private online communities that can be rapidly configured by uTIPu or on popular social networks such as Facebook.

These TipClips can be created with uTIPu’s free, easy to use screen recording software, TipCam.  With one mouse click, the user begins recording everything that is happening on the user’s computer screen combined with voice narration.  With another click, the TipClip is uploaded to a community website to be shared with whomever the user desires.  TipClips can be viewed from any browser without any additional software.  As a result, the tedious process for documenting knowledge is eliminated.  Since a TipClip captures all the mouse clicks along with narration and annotation, the video is easy to understand.  A TipClip is worth more than a thousand words.

uTIPu also offers both public and private, Branded Community websites to host libraries of TipClips and to facilitate sharing.  Sponsors of these communities can moderate and categorize the content, manage community membership, and monitor the knowledge flow.  Users can easily search, view, rate and comment on TipClips, in addition to managing TipClips that they have contributed.   uTIPu’s platform, therefore, provides incentives and mechanisms for liberating knowledge from the minds of the few and placing it in the minds of the many.

“uTIPu’s service addresses several challenges that businesses face today,” said Chris Fleck, vice president of Solutions Development at Citrix Systems. “It can be a very effective tool for educating and engaging customers externally as well as increasing productivity internally.”

“We have been very pleased with the responses that we received on our knowledge networking platform,” said John Yin, chief executive officer of uTIPu, Inc.  “We are excited about the impact that video-based knowledge sharing will have on corporate social networking.”

Pricing for the service is based on your configuration needs and ongoing usage volume.  Please contact Chad Roll as shown below for more information.

Start knowledge networking today @ http://www.utipu.com/app/download.

About uTIPu, Inc.

uTIPu provides a knowledge networking platform that makes knowledge sharing simple.  uTIPu enables businesses and professionals to capture knowledge by recording computer activities as videos and to share them on online public and private communities.  This makes it easy for customers of uTIPu to provide user-friendly help and technical support, strengthen customer relationships, and promote best practices.  For more information, please visit http://www.utipu.com.

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