Service downtime

From  7:25 EST to 10:20AM our storage service provider (Amazon) experienced massive service outage.

Hundreds of businesses were affected by this failure. Our Application servers were operational. What you had likely noticed is thumbnail images and videos were not displayed. Those files are served from that our storage provider calls “Scalable and Reliable data store with 99.99% availability”. Like you, we are all disappointed by what happened.



3 Responses to “Service downtime”

  1. jm Says:

    hello uTIPu,
    is there a help section?
    my screen is 1280×800 and the output is strange…

  2. chris fleck Says:

    Cool service ,, I recommend you set up a support forum .. others can answer with video tips ..

    I am trying to record a video utipu using a creative webcam, when i play back the video i only see the initial screenshot and no webcam movement. Any ideas ?

  3. oleg Says:


    Thanks! We are working on adding forum functionality in the near future.
    I suspect the issue has something to do with the hardware video acceleration used by your webcam driver.
    If you are using default capturing method “VNC”, the hardware accelerated video will not likely to be captured. I sudgest couple of things:
    • First, try using “Mirror Driver” as the recording “Source” option found in the “Advanced” tab in the Tipcam options dialog. This should work with many webcams. In fact this capturing mode is going to be a default option in the next version we will be releasing very soon.
    • Second, in the operating system video adapter settings there is a troubleshoot tab with the hardware acceleration slider. Try reducing hardware acceleration to from “Full” to disable “Direct draw”.

    Let me know if the solution works for you. We will be adding this tip and others in the forum section.


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