Service launch feedback

In just a few days since the beta launch we have received many great reviews of our service. I would like to share with you some of the quotes:

“Now in reality this is helpful to a certain extent to just about any computer user that has friends in the real or virtual world, but I honestly see this tool as being most useful for the plethora of startups that may want an easy option for creating a video demo to play on their site.”

“This does have a very real world application. Just think how many times you’ve been recreated by the old P and M to help with computer problems. Recording everything could save you a trip and your parents will be able to view the clip over and over again.”

“Overall, it’s a very cool service and works beautifully! It makes recording your screen very easy and super easy to share it online. … Definitely give it a shot if you want to share something on your screen that requires a series of steps. Enjoy!”

The feedback shows that our first step toward creating the easiest-to-use know-how capturing and idea sharing service was well received.  We realize what we have done is just the start of a long journey.  But with your help, we will get there.   

Our team is working on a new user interface that will make accessing all of the existing and upcoming TipCam features just one click away.  I will post a short preview soon.

 - Oleg

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