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Webinar: Two Powerful Strategies Combined

from support on 6/23/10

In this webinar we showcase two highly successful loan officers (Craig Sewing & Scott Cummins) who are enjoying huge success. The real win for you is to take the best of what they’re doing and combine them into one unbeatable strategy.

73 min, 39 sec



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Webinar: How to Maximize the REFI Window

from support on 6/9/10

If there’s such a thing as easy business, it’s when you catch a REFI wave. Industry vets Dan Rawitch, Mark Mayfield and Dylan Kramer show you how to make mad REFI money practically overnight. Learn Exactly What to Do, Step by Step, in Just 45 Minutes Dan Rawitch is an industry legend. His daily market updates save loan officers and their clients around the country valuable time and money. In this webinar, Dan will explain exactly how and why a new window has opened for REFI opportunities. Dylan and Mark will walk you through detailed execution strategies and show you exactly how to harvest profit in this REFI window.

64 min, 49 sec



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Webinar: Reduce Rate Shopping

from support on 5/26/10

Learn from a Winner: Craig Sewing Funded $5 Million in April, and he considers that a mediocre month! Craig routinely closes 20 loans and generates 50 new leads every single month. With tens of millions of dollars in funded loans every years, Craig is The Guy you want to learn from about how easy it is to use quotes to kill rate shopping and skyrocket your referrals.

70 min, 16 sec



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Webinar: How to Quote Interest Rates

from support on 5/12/10

East Coast and West Coast Loan Officers come together for our biggest webinar of the year: Two loan officers with combined gross profits of over $500,000 already in 2010. Rick Cardinali (East Coast) and Jeremy Forcier (West Coast) join forces for a webinar where we’ll cut right to the basics and show you how to nail rate quoting and add deep profits immediately. Jeremy and Rick will share the killer scripts they use daily, their secrets to practically eliminate rate shopping and generating tons of referrals during the rate quoting process.

66 min, 28 sec



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Webinar: How to Close 26 Loans this month

from support on 4/22/10

Instead of worrying about savage market conditions, why not make some money? Meet San Francisco loan officer Jeremy Forcier. Last month, Jeremy grossed over $70,000 in revenue. This month Jeremy expects to close 26 loans and gross $90,000. Jeremy’s daily approach to success is a mix of common sense and new adaptations to the market. In this short webinar, he covers every element of his approach so you can duplicate exactly what he’s doing.

52 min, 54 sec



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Webinar: GFE Boot Camp Kickoff

from support on 4/14/10

It’s been 3 months since the new GFE rules took effect and Loan Officers across the country are still struggling to turn the GFE into a competitive advantage. We’ve spoken to the nations top-producers and gathered the expertise of regulatory experts to put together the industry’s first GFE Boot Camp.

72 min, 50 sec



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Webinar: The Perfect Realtor Office Meeting

from support on 3/24/10

See exactly how 3 superstar loan officers are getting purchase business from Realtors. In this webinar recording, each Loan Officer gives the exact 10-minute pitch they deliver to Realtors. By watching exactly what they say, show and share with Realtors, you’ll be able to increase your success immediately.

63 min, 31 sec



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Webinar: How to Motivate Move-Up Buyers

from support on 3/10/10

Mark Mayfield and Traci Everman are smart loan officers who are helping Realtors sell more homes today, in this market. Using specific market strategies, high-impact sales videos and street smarts, they’re rocking against the trend and putting money in the bank.

68 min, 51 sec



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Webinar: Prepare For Rising Interest Rates

from support on 2/24/10

With HUD encouraging rate shopping and Google making it one-click simple, rate shopping is impacting our industry more than ever before. Not to mention, we see rising interest rates on the horizon. Tracy Cavanaugh is the perfect example of a Loan Officer who is doing all the right things. Last year, Tracy shared the methods she used to triple her closings (from 3 to 9) in 90 days in a wildly successful webinar that helped propel LOs around the country to new heights, despite the economic challenges. Now, Tracy is back. She has put her sights on closing 12-15 loans per month and she’ll share her approach.

61 min, 49 sec



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Webinar - Turn MLS into a Lead Machine

from support on 2/10/10

When rates begin rising, the Loan Officer with the most friends wins. Have you developed enough quality, loyal relationships to come out ahead when rates climb? You can never have too many friends, which is why you’ll want to pay special attention to this month’s webinar.

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