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Disabling Error Reporting

from Lamont on 1/14/08

To eliminate that pesty popup window that asks if you want to report this (application) error to Microsoft every time an application crashes, follow the directions in this video.


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Turn on logging in TipCam on XP

from john on 12/22/07

How to turn on logging and set logging level for TipCam on Windows XP


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Uninstall Mirage mirror driver

from john on 12/21/07

Shows how to uninstall Mirage mirror driver manually


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How to determine which driver TipCam is using

from john on 2/12/08

How to determine and set which video driver TipCam will use.


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Use the Mirror Driver for TipCam

from ryan on 3/12/08

If TipCam is not capturing all of the actions on your screen, use the Mirror Driver instead of VNC.


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