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Today's Mortgage Market Act Now!!!

3/18/09 6:43 PM
Describing the changing landscape in today's mortgage market and showing how we can run the numbers to take advantage.
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betomonaco - 3/19/09 4:03 PM
What was great about it 1. Total certainty and confidence 2. Great emphasis on certain words 3. Great flow on the data (very persuasive, with a lot of facts, evidence) 4. Great use of quotes (evidence) 5. Guideline Changes (great use of evidence) 6. You did a call to action (unfortunately the recording stopped) 7. Awesome energy, great voice!!!! Some areas of improvement 1. I would lower you energy level a little bit at the beginning (you came at level 10 from the beginning). Usually this strategy looses people who are more kinesthetic (usually quiet people, soft-spoken people). Your energy should increase gradually, you have to pace then lead them 2. I would slow down your tempo a little bit during your presentation as well. 3. If you are doing a generic presentation, then you have to mention who you are and why are you there (people must know that). 4. On your second slide, I would crop the news and make it bigger, so people can read at least the title of it. (Like the following slide) 5. How long can they keep the rates down? I love that question! (if you have any expert advice that supports that, I would mention their opinion here) 6. Hardships (you talked about them). I would do 2 things here: a) slow down and go deeper with your voice to create more impact and b) give 1 illustration about one of your clients (without telling their names). Tell the audience how they could not get a loan because one of these challenges happened (and they missed an opportunity). It must be real. 7. When you addressed the question “what if the rates go lower?” you did not answer this question specifically. You gave some scenarios where people could not be legible for loans anymore(that part was great), but you did not talk about the rate trends, does that make sense? Here is a good place to talk about what the experts are talking about. Overall, I really enjoyed your presentation. You exuded confidence and knowledge. Your presentation has a lot of evidence. Great job! Roberto
dcarter - 3/19/09 3:37 PM
Awesome video Dylan. Great content, length and delivery.

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