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Rent Vs. Own for FHA

3/12/09 3:54 PM
How to input an FHA loan scenario in the rent vs. own module
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jgibbs - 1/5/10 4:40 PM
Also, I am sure some of you have noticed- I goofed on the UFMIP amount and it should have been $5066 (1.75% of base loan amount), but the concept is all on point.
jgibbs - 1/5/10 4:39 PM
You are correct Gebert- In fact, for most rent vs own scenarios, you would not really have a need to fill in the accumulation amounts going forward unless you were saving them a bunch of money over the current situation (difference in total payment rather than net payment)
Gebert - 12/18/09 12:51 PM
From a budgetary point of view; they really won't have an extra $200 each month as the taxes, ins and MI would be more than the $200 a month savings - right?

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