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MC Video Community for Loan Officers

3/1/09 1:09 PM
Dave Savage gives a quick overview of the MC Video Community especially for loan officers and Realtors
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  • Scott's Video: http://mortgagecoach.utipu.com/app/tip/id/5748/
  • Dlyn's Video: http://mortgagecoach.utipu.com/app/tip/id/6461/
  • Videos by Jeremy Forcier: http://mortgagecoach.utipu.com/app/tips/from/jeremyforcier/
Rated 4.4 from 20 votes
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Lchase - 3/12/09 9:48 AM
Dave, Thanks for creating this tool for loan officers and making it available for free.
ljones8989 - 3/6/09 4:26 PM
Thanks for clearly defining the value of the Mortgage Coach Video Community.
ryan - 3/5/09 10:43 AM
Hi Dave, this is Ryan from uTIPu. You've done an excellent job describing how to use the site. I have one suggestion: add notes containing links to the videos you recommend watching. Any link starting with "http://" in a note is clickable by the viewer. When you are logged in and looking at a video you uploaded, you will see an Add Notes link at the top.
dsavage - 3/4/09 10:44 AM
Thanks for the positive feedback. Do you have any suggestions to make the video community more valuable to you?
jnunley - 3/4/09 2:42 AM
Dave, Thanks for setting up the video community. This has been perhaps the best tool I've ever used, except for mortgage coach.
jdebow - 3/3/09 11:36 PM
Very good video, nicely laid out, clear concise, I liked it. JD
dcarter - 3/2/09 10:40 AM
Great video, really shows the value of the community.

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