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Power of an FHA Loan

12/4/08 8:57 PM
The power of an FHA loan in a declining market
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TimLaudermilk - 2/24/09 9:30 AM
Jeremy, you're greatest strength in my opinion is that you are absolutely fearless! Thank you for stepping up in a time when we all need leadership.
betomonaco - 2/13/09 6:36 PM
Jeremy, again, great job! You are very articulate and your message is clear. I think you use the cursor (yellow pointer) extremely well. I also liked the way you compared the two loan programs. Some ideas to consider... When you talk about the savings (and paying off the mortgage) I would try to link that to the client’s criteria (what is important to them)…so you would say something like: and "and this saving would allow you to XXXXXXXXXXXX "(pay for you kid's education, buy another property, take your dream vacation, etc). It is so important to learn the client’s criteria during the interview process so you can do that... I agree with the previous comment, you mentioned that the savings were going to be $ 397.00 (I did not see how the math would add up…) maybe I am missing something... Your CTA (call to action) could be better.Remember, you are the expert. I would be a little bit more clear on what to do next... I really enjoy your videos! You are getting better and better every single time. Roberto I
hbruhner - 12/8/08 5:40 PM
Great video Jeremy. It was a little confusing because it did not seem to add the MI to the payment in the SUMMARY section.........

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