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RateWatch NOW Daily Update 5-17-10

5/17/10 9:59 AM
RateWatch NOW Daily Update 5-17-10
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ScottNicholson - 5/18/10 1:51 PM
Listening a day late, but noticed the 11 comments on this video. now see why... I think we need a little perspective. Keep in mind our membership doesn't include Dan's commentary/video on Rate Watch. Plus Dan's takes 1/2 to an hr out of his busy life to give back to us everyday for free! We should say thank you for what you do and you can play what every you want, because he could say forget this and get 1 hour back in his life. Then we listen to nothing and we decide what the markets will do or not do ourselves. Keep in mind, all you do is just slide the bar on the video to start at 20 seconds and you never have to listen to Dan's music again. Dan, thanks for what you do for us.
HardWorkingMortgageGuy - 5/18/10 8:54 AM
Tracy I guess if we disagree with you were 'stiffs'. I didn't know that you had all the right answers. Next time I have an opinion I will check with you to make sure it's ok.
dsavage - 5/17/10 11:35 PM
Dan just be you -- and everything will be good. Congrats on a great call today.
drawitch - 5/17/10 9:56 PM
Tracy...I love you :-) Dave...I will shorten to 15 seconds to give the type "A's" an extra 5 seconds in their day. :-) Just kidding...I really do appreciate everyones feedback!
traycav - 5/17/10 4:42 PM
Rawitch - Decided to watch this again today based upon what the market did - your advice and analysis are amazing! AND PLEASE KEEP THE TUNES! It makes the updates even more fun - I'm sick of these stiffs on here, it's 20 seconds people, loosen the hell up already!
dsavage - 5/17/10 4:40 PM
Hey Dan, I received few more negative comments about the music today...it might be a good idea to keep the music opening under 15 seconds. EVERYONE, IF YOU HAVE AN OPINION SHARE IT
carruthers - 5/17/10 3:45 PM
Music is overriding the message---drop it. Keep up your AWESOME analysis - can't make a decision without it!
bsouthworth - 5/17/10 1:05 PM
Love the upbeat, informational message you provide. Keep the tunes.
drawitch - 5/17/10 12:12 PM
Thanks for your feedback Hardworking Mortgage Guy....We seem to have more people in favor of the music than against it. How does everyone else feel these days? Also, I try and limit the music to 20 seconds and during that time, I am showing the bullet points on the first slide.
adamodonnell - 5/17/10 12:01 PM
About 3 out of every 5 leads
HardWorkingMortgageGuy - 5/17/10 10:46 AM
Dan your videos are good but the 25 to 30 seconds you waste at the beginning should be stopped.
dsavage - 5/17/10 10:14 AM
Att MC Members, How often are you getting rate shopped recently?

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