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How MC helps you close more purchase business

2/23/10 1:46 PM
Dave Savage highlights how Mortgage Coach helps you generate more leads and close more purchase business with raising interest rates in 2010
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  • PLEASE NOTE: The pricing quoted at the end of this video refers to a Feb 2010 special offer and is no longer available. For current pricing please contact a solutions coach at 1-800-485-7251
Rated 4.6 from 16 votes
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gibrannicholas - 2/24/10 11:13 AM
Fantastic overview of the most powerful sales and presentation tools in the mortgage industry!
dsavage - 2/24/10 10:49 AM
Everyone, Thank you so much for all the positive feedback and encouragement. Please keep all your success stories and ideas coming.
rickykha - 2/24/10 10:05 AM
Excellent content, rich with information kept me engaged the entire 20 minutes... Very well articulated and left nothing to question.
DustinHughes - 2/24/10 9:45 AM
I agree with Scott below. Normally I would cringe at a 20 minute video since that is about 17 minutes longer than my attention span, but this was outstanding Dave!! You clearly articulated value, strategy and provided real life testimonials from loan officers who are winning by implementing MC strategies. It is clear to me and other members that Mortgage Coach is a game changer. Well done!!
ScottNicholson - 2/24/10 9:21 AM
Dave, a couple things come to mind with this video. It's amazing to see how much this company and you have come in a short amount of time. You have navigated this crazy market and are now leading the way. (the tools and video's are the one,two punch) Lastly the video is 20 mins (you give me hard times on my vids) but with all that you offer, you need 20 mins in this video. Thanks for All you do!
tylerosby - 2/24/10 7:45 AM
Love the video. Great content, as usual. If a loan officer is looking for an easy way to stand out from the competition, Mortgage Coach is an easy, turn-key system that does it. Everything from lead acquisition to locking a profitable (and competitive) deal to keeping in touch with the client over time. I really couldn't imagine my business without the tools of Mortgage Coach at work.
chik - 2/24/10 12:39 AM
Hi Dave. You guys just keep getting better and better every year. Man, if i had this tool set way back in the beginning... You and your crew are so prolific in the amount of value you create for our profession week in and week out. Truly amazing and so much positive impact. You guys help me to look good in the eyes on my clients and referral partners. Thanks a million! BTW, I agree with the confidence factor. Mortgage Coach helps you get there.
bsute - 2/24/10 12:19 AM
Love the video, Dave! This video simply sums up WHY I consider MC to be an imperative tool in my mortgage practice. Thanks for everything you and your team does for the industry. You guys rock!
davidkrushinsky - 2/23/10 8:22 PM
There are two things I love about Mortgage Coach. #1 Without a doubt, the best feature is the fact that you can explain to a consumer why they will see different rates advertised during their transation before they even see them. This video demonstrates how it takes less than 5 minutes to build incredible trust with your client and provide... See More exceptional advice. #2 The RateWatch "DayWatch" feature shows real-time minute-to-minute price fluctuations. This not only creates a sense of urgency, but it also shows your customer that you're an expert and will get them the best rate possible. Keep on rockin...
jglynn - 2/23/10 6:12 PM
Dave - this is a great overview of the experience inside of the MC community. If anything, you understate out some of the more organic stuff that comes from peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing. The tools are all essential pillars to build and run your business, but the community interaction is the glue that holds it all together.

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