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RateWatch NOW Daily Update 2-19-10

2/19/10 10:05 AM
RateWatch NOW Daily Update 2-19-10
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drawitch - 2/19/10 12:06 PM
Hi jglenn and Cdobson (sorry I do not know your first names). Jglynn...sometimes I hate being right but thanks for noticing! Cdobson, please send me an email to [email protected] and I will rspond with my slides from this morning. Thanks!
jglynn - 2/19/10 11:32 AM
one of the more insightful videos to date - thank you. you humbly did not mention that yesterday you said that if we broke out of the sideways arrow to the downside, we'd free-fall to 100.20. I believe we closed at 100.13 - not too bad as a prognosticator!
CDobson - 2/19/10 10:41 AM
Dan, "OUCH" is right. I watched from my BB all day as pricing just melted away like the snow we received here in East Texas last week. Great video...thanks for explaing all of this in a concise manner. Is there some way to get your slides to use in a video I want to send to my realtor contacts and maybe some CPA's? Thanks again.
drawitch - 2/19/10 10:29 AM
Thanks for the great feedback Dave Carter and Dave Savage! Carter...."Par 60", looks like this 100.60 Par is always 100.
dcarter - 2/19/10 10:25 AM
Dan - Awesome video! Question from our members: What do you mean by the term "Par 60"?
dsavage - 2/19/10 10:14 AM
Dan, your updates and insights are priceless in markets like this one. Thank you for the breakdown of the forces in the marketplace.

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