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Using Snagit to capture images for your video

8/21/09 7:38 PM
How to use Snagit to capture images from other presentations to be used on your PowerPoint slideshow and incorporated into your videos.
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jgibbs - 10/11/09 11:56 AM
Hi Everyone, there is another tool that works in the same manner as Snagit and is free to use. The tool is called JetScreenshot and can be downloaded at www.jetscreenshot.com. It offer the copying and editing functions that Snagit does, but is a bit lacking on some the stock shapes and designs to use for commenting on the image (things like arrows and circles).
dkurian - 10/1/09 1:24 PM
One other tool Microsoft OneNote - if you use Office 2007 it probably comes along with it.. and very easy to use..
sclarey - 10/1/09 1:07 PM
Mr Gibbs, At one point you were reviewing opotions other than Snagit. My trial is up so I'm about to purchase Snag it for $49.99. Is it my best option? Thanks [email protected] 530-223-1400 Steve

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