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Little trick: save a picture by drag and drop

from pascalvanhecke on 2/6/08

If you're on a webpage, you typically save a picture by right-clicking and choosing "save as...". However you can just left-click a picture and then drag and drop the file on your desktop (or in a folder). Windows (XP) only, or does the Mac have this as well? As a bonus: you can drag a picture to a folder in the task bar to throw it into that folder. Or to an empty spot on your taskbar to drop it on the desktop again, if you start from a maximized browser window. More from me at

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Het claimen van een weblog

from pascalvanhecke on 3/30/08

Neem een account bij een openid provider, en zet het stukje html dat je krijgt in de code van je weblog.


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