Force firefox to release memory on minimize

1/31/08 5:22 PM
Fix Firefox browser memory "leak". Force Firefox to release memory on minimize window command.
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  • Enter about:config in the new firefox window
  • Right click on the window and create new Boolean value
  • Enter config.trim_on_minimize
  • Set the value to "true"
  • Enjoy leaner firefox
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UnCafelitoalasOnce - 11/7/09 1:51 AM
great tip!
anton61 - 4/15/09 11:12 AM
it indeed works in XP but has not effect in Vista. nice tweak
zeon888 - 4/15/09 6:15 AM
thanks for the helped a lot..
john - 5/27/08 11:40 AM
While this worked very well for me on an XP with Firefox 2.0, it does not make much difference in Vista with Firefox 3.0 (RC1). I think it has more to do with Vista than Firefox 3.0 - most likely Vista took the memory management away from Firefox.
Jeff - 4/11/08 7:32 PM
Thanks for that tip! That's awesome. I've had some real issues with memory leaks or whatever with Firefox &/or its extensions. One thing about this fix, though, is that although the memory usage initially goes down below 6 meg when minimized, it slowly but steadily rises up again to near where it was before being minimized. Rather weirdly, when I maximized the window again it actually went down a bit. In any event it remains lower than where it started even after re-maximizing it. Firefox ought to ship it with that configuration. BTW, I typed in the wrong name for that Boolean the first time I tried it, using periods rather than underlines: "config.trim.on.minimize" rather than "config.trim_on_minimize" and now both lines are in that config file and I can't see a way to delete it. Anyone know how I should do so?

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