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Mortgage Revolution by Brian Larrabee

from blarrabee on 11/20/09

The Mortgage Revolution Event is happening Jan. 10th - 12th. This is a by loan officers and for loan officers production. If you're ready to re-charge, have some fun, learn from those that are out there on the street and making it happen, then this event is for you. This is a non-profit affair and any proceeds will be donated to charity. Calling all ethical professionals that want to work together and help restore a very tarnished industry. Take a look, visit www.mortgagerevolution.info and we'll all hope to see you there. This is a volunteer event, no speakers will be compensated and no product pitching is allowed from the stage.

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Mortgage Revolution - Presentation Training

from support on 11/9/09

Roberto Monaco teaches the leaders of Mortgage Revolution how to create a great presentation.

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10 Minute Mortgage Revolution Overview

from marksgreen on 11/20/09

What's the vision behind Mortgage Revolution? Who's coming? Why should you be there? These questions and more are answered in this 10-minute video by Mark Green. Minutes 1-3: The Impetus. Minutes 4-8: Speakers. Minutes 9-10: Call to Action.

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