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Price vs Terms

2/3/09 9:48 AM
Introduction of Risk Based Pricing
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Rated 4.5 from 2 votes
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kallen - 2/4/09 10:34 AM
Roberto...Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to give me a few tips..Dave, Thanks for making this community available to us members, its a great way to personalize your communication, with out all of the driving time!
dsavage - 2/4/09 10:15 AM
Roberto, Great insight and advice -- Thank you for providing leadership and advice in the MC Video Community -- you ROCK!!!!
betomonaco - 2/4/09 9:53 AM
Hi Kallen, I enjoyed your presentation because: 1) You gave a context (that you spoke with your client before about the subject) 2) You gave examples (appeal to logic) 3) Great conclusion: Price X terms, terms win What I would consider improving next time: 1) I would slow down a little bit (I used to speak really fast as well to cover all my presentation) 2) I would make your headline more compelling, something like (The danger of not understanding Risk Based Pricing) of something of that nature…. 3) I would frame your presentation as “the importance of talking to a professional (like you) before executing a transaction” so you make the correct decision… Overall, your presentation was great! Roberto
dsavage - 2/3/09 10:12 AM
Great video – I love how you are using our video community – How do you like the video community so far?

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