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Chattanooga Seller Buy Down

6/24/09 8:27 PM
How can we, together, move more inventory in a market that interest rates are moving up? Follow what the best in the business are doing and become OUR MARKET LEADERS!
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dsavage - 6/25/09 12:22 PM
Rick, I love this video...Great job! Please keep me updated on your success.
dcarter - 6/25/09 11:29 AM
Rick - Nice job! You seem like a natural with the tipcam. This is one of my favorite seller buydown videos.
ScottNicholson - 6/24/09 10:32 PM
hey Rick, good stuff! first video? i can see you and video will get along just fine. keep it up. feed back... it would be "less is more" and clear on the message. (problem, solution and the call to action or example how you can help them move the inventory) give examples "how" open houses, buyer packs, listing packages, etc. tell a story and show some examples on how you help others with it. a buyer, a seller, an agent, etc. make the video come alive. i loved the example of the "how much of the price reduction to rate reduction" You need more of that, if you are speaking to a realtor. they click on that. good luck and great job. scott

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