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Sample Uses

Email and text messaging are great. But a picture is worth a thousand words — video maybe a million.

Show a friend how to use their software

A friend in your Facebook network having trouble figuring out how to format a Word document? Help him or her by recording a Tip showing what to do. Send it as an email or post it on your Facebook page for all your friends (uTIPu is Facebook compatible).

Point out how a design should be changed

If you're part of a design team, use uTIPu to exchange "video markups" showing suggested design changes - a PowerPoint slide, a document, a web graphic, a dress design - anything that you can see on your PC.

Train new employees

Create your own library of internal "how-to's". Use them when you need to show a colleague in another department how a task is done by your team or when you need to train new employees on your office system (for instance - how to ship a package using FedEx.com).

Record answers for other online help sites

If you like to contribute to other online Help sites, such as Yahoo Answers or Microsoft Live Q&A, include Tip links in the answers you submit.

Explain a problem to tech support

Record the software problem you're having and email the link for it to the company's tech support team. They don't have to already know about uTIPu to see it. They'll just click the link you sent and then the "Play" button on the Tip video that appears.

Show a mistake in your online bill

Point out the billing error in your online statement and send the Tip link to your service provider.

Give feedback on a co-worker's presentation

When your coworker asks your opinion about a sales presentation he or she's designed, respond by recording your spoken comments while pointing out areas in the slides that need work.
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