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MySQL Tutorial for lamp.cse.fau.edu

9/23/08 1:47 PM
This tutorial provides an introduction to the lamp.cse.fau.edu server. It covers logging in and accessing MySQL via the command line and web interfaces. (Resubmitted on behalf of faueng.)
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faueng - 10/23/08 12:06 PM
Hi Thanks for your comments. You are correct about the passwords. The MySQL password is separate from the SSH login password. The PHPMyAdmin pop-up authentication was put in to protect the system from non-fau users trying to access the server. I will work on getting a SSL license for the web server as you metion. It is definitely not good to have cleartext passwords.
aardila - 10/15/08 10:58 PM
Thanks, this is helpful. One thing should be mentioned is that passwords for the lamp server itself and myPHPAdmin are not the same. That is to say that if you change your password for the LAMP server (as you should), the password for MySQL will not change automatically --it will remain as the default. Also, an SSL connection should really be implemented for myPHPAdmin... our password is being sent in good ol' plain text through http.

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