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Citrix XenDesktop Over the WAN

3/19/08 2:17 PM
Compare the user experience of XenDesktop to VMWare VDI over several different WAN links and latencies. The wan is simulated with Shunra VE Desktop. Several Notes have been added. http://community.citrix.com/blogs/citrite/barryf/2008/03/17/Make+a+XenDesktop+Video+Tip+and+Win+an+iPod+Touch
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  • The WAN is simulated by using Shunra VE Desktop. For the first test, the latency is less than 1 ms.
  • The software used in the test is eDrawings from SolidWorks. http://www.solidworks.com/pages/programs/eDrawings/e2_register.html?CFID=23942519&CFTOKEN=12950012
  • On the left we have a VMWare VDI Desktop, on the right we have a Citrix XenDesktop.
  • The performance over the lan with no latency is similar.
  • Now, Shunra VE Desktop simulated a T1 (1.5 mbs) with 25 ms of latency for transmit and receive. The ping time is 50 ms.
  • You can already see a dramatic difference in performance over a T1.
  • The Citrix XenDesktop connection (using ICA) is much more smooth and responsive over a T1 at 50 ms.
  • Now Shunra VE Desktop will simulate a 768k line with 75 ms of latency for transmit and receive. The ping time is 150 ms..
  • You can see the VMWare VDM connection is not very responsive, while the Citrix XenDesktop connection has very little perceived delay in response.
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john - 3/19/08 5:58 PM
Very convincing comparison.

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