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Language Bridge - learn English fast

from bridge2english on 6/4/09

* Cross-translation is the main barrier in acquiring a foreign language. * Conventional methods don’t even mention this problem because they are not capable of providing a means of overcoming subconscious cross-translation. Here is the list of what you should NOT do: * Make cross-translation into and from the native language. * Memorize anything. * Use boring grammar books. * Study awful vocabulary lists. * Use translation drills. * Use flash cards. Here is the list of what you SHOULD do: * Instead of consecutive repetition use simultaneous repetition, to ensure turning off cross-translation and the formation of an English language speech center in the brain. * Simultaneous repetition has never before been used for learning a foreign language; it provides excellent results in the formation of a direct link between an image or situation and block of English words. * Listen and imitate rather than learn from theory. Spend the major portion of the time talking in the English language using the patented Language Bridge software (USA patent 6,341,958). * Language Bridge software ( helps you to seamlessly incorporate multiple Internet resources into a modularized, computer-based learning environment. * It provides you with a learning environment incorporating electronic dictionary, testing program, and drills to 31 lessons and to new lessons of your choice, to give you the option of expanding your vocabulary of specialized vocational or technical terms. * The LanguageBridge software can be used from the comfort of one’s home 24/7. Using this technique, every adult student becomes a language prodigy making the best use of his/her time. * Your goal of speaking in English fluently without thinking could be achieved in six months.


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