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Citrix XenDesktop Over the WAN

from TekUberGeek on 3/19/08

Compare the user experience of XenDesktop to VMWare VDI over several different WAN links and latencies. The wan is simulated with Shunra VE Desktop. Several Notes have been added.


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3 min, 42 sec

How to Use Phone/Email Stats

from misterherman on 11/21/07

This is an explanation of how phone and email statistics can be used to track the value of new patients that called your practice from your WebMarketingForDentists online campaign.


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Citrix XenDesktop - Setup Tool

from CitrixBlogger on 3/17/08

See the Citrix XenDesktop Setup Tool in action.


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Citrix XenDesktop -User Experience

from CitrixBlogger on 3/17/08

See the User Experience of Citrix XenDesktop


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