Add notes to your uTIPu videos

3/14/08 12:59 PM
This video shows you how to add navigational notes to the videos you upload to uTIPu. Each note is displayed when the timeline reaches it. Viewers can also click a note marker to navigate in the video.
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  • Go to the account page.
  • You can click the "add notes" link on any of your tips.
  • Or, you can view the tip.
  • See the notes at the bottom of the video.
  • When logged in and viewing your video, you have options at the top. Click "Edit Notes" (or "Add Notes" if you don't have any yet).
  • On the Note editing page, you can edit existing notes, add new notes, or delete notes.
  • Once your done, make sure you click "Save All" to save all the changes you made. "Cancel All" cancels all the changes just made.
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